Dr. Phil or Fabio 

  What is the fascination with Dr. Phil these days (essentially the educated version of Jerry Springer)? Why are we so mesmerized with this guy, and do you buy into it?  

  If I want advice on relationships and how to talk or act around those of the opposite sex—I’ll shop around for someone of experience. I know this may upset men, and a few women, but these are the facts as I see them. 

  Fabio is in that still youthful without surgery group, and he maintains a low profile. When was the last time you heard Fabio getting into someone’s business, or hogging the gossip headlines about whom he is dating? It doesn’t happen and he is consistently one of, if not, the sexiest men alive. He loves big dogs and riding dirt bikes in his free time, and I’m sorry, but that’s not all bad in my book. 

  This gent grants hours of his free time for charitable causes without charging a penny, and never dominates the news headlines. The guy has great taste in clothes, and I do not have to go into great detail with the women, about his body. Here is a gentleman who’s aged to perfection and still remains dedicated to a rigorous physical routine. It’s not to impress the opposite sex, it’s something he’s devoted to and he sticks with it. Now take a good look at Dr. Phil’s shape (another point for Fabio). The bottom line; if you’re going to offer advice on diet and exercise by writing a book—try to look the role. 

  If Dr. Phil offered you advice on sex, could you hold a straight face? If you had to think about this for a second, you and I both know you wouldn’t. 

  I ask the ladies to reach deep down into your soul and answer this question with complete honesty. Would you rather have Dr. Phil or Fabio give your husband, love of your life, advice on bedroom fun? 

  If you remove these few phrases from Dr. Phil’s show, you’re left with nothing. 

  • Avoiding reality.
  • Logical thing to do.
  • What’s the problem?
  • Get over it!
  • Are you nuts?
  • A whole new you.

 Once completed, you have a reality and there’s no avoiding it. When they’re stripped down you’re left with one in boxers wearing black socks, and the other in a loincloth, chiseled, bronze, and sweaty. It forces the mind to create a fresh angle on the ‘whole new you’ outlook, and it leaves you with the perfect choice.  I think we need a Fabio show. 

Uncle Buck