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The Recipe   

My mother came from the Appalachia mining towns while my father hailed from the Smokey Mountains, and their union gave birth to a cultural communion of first-rate eating.


The immigrant influence of the coal industry came to the dinner table in the shape of pierogies, cabbage rolls, and stuffed peppers. The south kept to traditions with biscuits, fried chicken, and corn bead (buttermilk optional). My family revolves around cooking, recipes, and eating, so when I volunteered for the Army and found myself perched in Savannah—I fit right in with their idea of cast iron creations.


Savannah holds a fond place in my heart, and thanks to the miracle of cable I keep this devotion alive through The Food Network. Each Sunday my cooking addictive veins crave that first, ‘Ya’ll gonna love what I’m cook’in today’ and when Paula Dean steps into the picture—life gets mouth-watery in a hurry.


I’ve grown fat and happy with her as supreme guide to my pre-football Sunday victuals, and I have concluded—she could slather rocks with butter, roll them in sugar, and I would relish each tooth shattering chomp.


Paula’s recipes fit well because they’re broken down into two food groups to eliminate confusion—the good for you, and the good to eat. Good for you would contain such finery as mushrooms, chicken, and fish to select from. In this group you have a wonderful medley to apply your favorite batter before plunging them into a cauldron of bubbling oil. Transfer this scrumptious fare to a paper towel lined plate, and they are miraculously transformed into enchanting nuggets of greasy delight.


Good to eat recipes would contain any meat product slathered in gravy, items you eat with your fingers, or savory delight’s served with its own dipping sauce. In this group you have the fixings for a feast or something to snack on until that halftime burp of contentment. Any pre-ground meat product served on buns, or foul swathed in barbecue sauce and devoured by pudgy napkin daubed fingers are definite palate pleasers.


The wonder of her recipes allow you, the fortunate consumer, to interchange any group by adding a condiment to alter the healthy/tasty ratio. If you munch the deep fried mushrooms with a side dish of ranch dressing, you have transferred this item from the good for you to the good to eat category. The same would apply by taking the chicken fried steak away from the gravy and consuming it with a side of fried taters.


If you’re one of those (bean sprout and tofu worshippers), Paula’s culinary creations are best left to the experts. It’s dangerous because if you tried just one recipe and got any of those vittles on your forehead—your tongue would smack your brains out.


Uncle Buck


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